Work Experience

2009 — Present

Web Developer

Chroma Creative Group

As the son part of this father-son partnership, I'm in charge of all the technology. My CMS of choice is Drupal, and I'm partial to the Campaign Monitor email marketing system.

Skills Used:
  • Drupal Theme Development
  • HTML5 / CSS3 Development
  • Email Template Design and Development
  • Responsive / Adaptive Web and Email Design
  • Email List Management
  • Web Server Administration (Linux)
  • DNS Administration
  • Wireframing
  • Project Management
2008 — 2011

Web Specialist

Burpee Seed Company

I was hired as an entry level web specialist to work on small tasks for each of Burpee's three websites (Burpee, Cook's Garden and Heronswood Gardens). My exceptional talents eventually led to me becoming a jack-of-all trades. I took on additional duties including management of all technical aspects of Burpee's email campaigns and DNS administration for each of the websites. I also occasionally assisted with various technical projects such as developing landing pages and creating / managing QR codes.

Skills Used
  • HTML / CSS Development
  • Email Template Development
  • Email List Management
  • Email Server Administration
  • DNS Administration
Name Job Title Contact Info
Don Zeidler Marketing Director Available On Request
Jerry Purcell V.P. of Information Technology Available On Request
Brian Paul System Analyst Available On Request

Field Technician

Galco Business Communications

I held this job in the spring / summer of 2006 while I was in between web-related jobs. It was kinda fun and, at the time, I learned a bunch of telephone stuff. Later, I turned Galco into a client of Chroma Group.

Skills Used
  • Telephony Systems Setup and Troubleshooting
  • Cable Running
Name Job Title Contact Info
Paul Lorenz Owner Available On Request
2001 — 2006

Technical Support Representative

Netcarrier, Inc.

Answered many thousands of technical support calls and emails against my will. In each and every case, I did my best to politely guide them through their internet crisis of the day while resisting the urge to throw heavy objects across the room... Just kidding, I'm always very professional.

Skills Used:
  • Internet Connection Troubleshooting (Dial up, ISDN, DSL, T1)
  • Email Access Troubleshooting
  • Telephony Systems Troubleshooting
  • Football Pool Administration
Name Job Title Contact Info
Pat Cassady Technical Support Representative Available On Request
Mike Fiala Technical Support Representative Available On Request
Ryan Rosenkaimer Technical Support Representative Available On Request

Examples Of Work


CompTia Linux+ Certified Professional


School Description GPA

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Code School

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Montgomery County Community College

Studied computer science with an emphasis on web development and Linux system administration.

Bucks County Community College

Studied computer science.

Lansdale School of Business

Studied computer networking.

Pennridge High School

I spent half my time at the high school, and the other half at the Upper Bucks County Vocational Technical School studying electronics.


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Email Template Design and Development

Email List Management

Linux Server Administration

Bash Scripting

Handsomeness :)

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